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Going Forth Mass

DSCF2890Nurturing the Seeds of FaithDSCF2876

When we baptise our babies we are asking God our Father to plant seeds of Faith into their lives.  As parents and as a community of faith (church) we are responsible for nurturing those seeds.  On the first three Sundays of June the parish took one big step in meeting that responsibility. We now have a further 44 young people who are in communion with our church community.

Thank you to all those who brought these young people to that day:  the Social Club for marking the occasion with a wonderful communion breakfast; the sacristans and the florists who embellished the church so beautifully; the catechists who taught the children the elements of what we believe and most of all the parents whose duty it is to hand on the faith.  We pray that in the years to come these children will become the core of a renewed Catholic Community which will help evangelise a world crying out for spirituality that gives meaning and depth to peoples’ lives.

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