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Live Simply


Suggestions taken from the Live Simply Guide chosen by those present at the first meeting on the 1st December,

they will be discussed at the second meeting on 14th January 2015.


  1. Outdoor space. Seed bank, cuttings, planting trees, schools link.
  2. Growing flowers not buying, parishioners grow flowers for alter.
  3. Feast of St Francis – Poor Clare harvest, animal.

Social group – Rich man/poor man

Supporting Poor Clares 8th February – second hand clothes, schools – recycle jam jars for homemade jam, , greeting cards

  1. Climate change quiz
  2. Supporting local furniture re-use organisation – sign posting

Tools for self-reliance – promoting for parish to share

Outdoor mass

Sharing of equipment – parish sharing of resources through drop and collect eg buggies, prams etc

  1. Cafod World Gifts (First Holy Communion)

Spiritan projects – speak to Father Mark for suggestions


Already in our Parish

  1. Fair trade
  2. Bicycle and buggy park – awareness increase

Hosted shelter at church for first time with Father Mark’s agreement.  Regular volunteers – couldn’t offer hall

Harvest festival  – Poor Clares

Foodbank – raising food

Volunteers for (Saturday workers)

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