February 2013

Dear Parishioners,

The social club have a vision of our parish and invite everyone to join us in making this the year that the transformation happens.  Our club motto of “It is in giving that we receive” requires everyone to work together.

This year the committee have the resources to start a youth group, infant and junior clubs and organise a variety of outings for these age groups over the course of the year.   The details of these will begin to appear soon so look out for more information in the social club newsletter or on the forthcoming website.

Our Wednesday club has already begun to develop and have already been out on some lovely excursions with more planned soon.  They meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month.  For more information on how to get involved please contact Sue Allen.

Parish events for adults that have been suggested include quizzes, Irish evening, Elvis night and Murder mystery evening– but really it could be anything that the parish would like to do together.  If you have further suggestions please make them known to the committee.

Family opportunities include picnics in the park, day trip to the beach, prize bingo, magic and circus performances and bbq, are just a few suggestions.

We have a mission to be inclusive in the social life of the parish this means that from our babies to the senior parishioners will considered in all events over the year.  To ensure that our parish provides for everyone at every age and stage of life the committee will need help.  To create all of these opportunities for everyone it will require everyone to make a small commitment.  If everyone were to get involved in a small way then big things can be achieved.  Below are some of the things that could be your way to give a little to the social life of the parish.

What could you do?

  • Help out 3-4 times at a youth group or children’s club over the year.
  • Transport parishioners to different events.
  • Organise raffle prizes or donations for an event.
  • Work as part of a team to help organise an event.
  • Decorate hall, set up or clear away at fayres or events.
  • Sell tickets for events at the mass you attend.
  • Join the team serving teas and coffees in the parish center after every mass ( only for the one you attend)
  • Volunteer to set up or tidy up a fair trade stall  – 2-3 times a year.
  • Serve at the social club bar.
  • Be a named first aider for an event.
  • Volunteer to help in the kitchen at an event.
  • Become a CRB checked adult to support the young of the parish.
  • Volunteer your knowledge or skills.
  • Help to create a youth band or choir.
  • Use your job knowledge or hobbies to hold a talk for others.
  • Create a keep fit group
  • May be you have the skills to start a club such as scouts, brownies etc. Let us know what is needed and see if it can be organised.
  • Volunteer to lead a small activity at a larger activity day – perhaps during lent.
  • Help with the children’s liturgy group.

The potential and skills that are already in this parish are incredible.  Just a small commitment from lots of people means that no one is overwhelmed, we are all able to support each other and foster a closer community built on common purpose through sharing our service to each other we can create the opportunities that our parish deserves.

Yours faithfully

St Peter’s Social Club Committee.